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You want to buy a villa in Provence !
You live abroad and you would like to find a property in Provence but your time is precious. Well we can assist you in this by providing a service that is both personal and efficient.

No need for endless and time-consuming visits to numerous agencies. Instead we will search for your property while you relax at home.

During the search period we will remain in contact with you on a weekly basis via the Internet. We will send you photographs and details of properties that we will have already visited on your behalf, then together we will select those properties that correspond with your criteria and wish-list.

Following this you come to France at your convenience in order to visit only those properties that you have selected as having the potential to fulfil your desires.

In addition we would be happy to provide transport from and back to the airport should this be of assistance. We also arrange a mortgage for you in France.

You can contact our team on:
+33 (0) 6 11 127791
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